I'm a communications professional with over twenty years' experience across the creative industries. Most of my recent work falls into these three broad categories:
Art direction As creative director of Jackson Earle Associates in London, art direction was the bread and butter of the first eight years of my career. This experience was used again when I was appointed Senior Art Director at a Copenhagen based advertising agency in 2003. In between these two posts I worked on location and in photo studios art directing shoots for photo agency Stockbyte (now part of Getty Images).
Campaign: 'Helsingør – putting it all together'
Copy writing
Art direction
Elsinore campaign. Located just north of Copenhagen and a few minutes across the water to Sweden, the Municipality of Elsinore is ideally placed to be a powerhouse of commerce. For some time, however, the area has not been punching anywhere near its own weight, let alone above it. 
 I was tasked to help develop and implement a new concept which would help attract businesses of all types and sizes to relocate to the region. The result is the "Putting it all together" campaign, which included brochures, promotional films, print advertising and online material. Art direction Digital design Copy writing
Brochure. The brochure is broken up into the key areas which make a location great for business, and shows what the area has to offer.
Film direction
Identity: "12 Byer På 12 Måneder" Art direction
12 Byer identity. This enterprise aims to better engage citizens in their cities to improve both their welfare and the design and administration of 12 cities in Denmark over the space of one year. My design is based on twelve dodecagons (12 sided polygon) intertwined. The 12 shapes can represent both the 12 cities and the 12 months. When a single element is removed from the interlocking logo, there are still 12 sides to the shape. I also supplied a palette which included 12 distinct but complementing colours plus black. Below are examples of the versatility of the graphic elements.
Promo video direction. This was used primarily as a preliminary 
to presentations and seminars held by the business development department.
Brochure: Audiovector Si Series
Copy writing
Art direction
Layout, photo art direction, copywriting. For decades, the Audiovector name has been well known amongst audiophiles as one of the best producers of hi-fi equipment in the world. On the consumer level however, if the speakers were not going to look appealing in a well designed home, they would forever remain an object for the niche enthusiasts. My brief was to help to make Audiovector speakers objects of desire, while at the same time keeping faithful to the more technically literate and loyal customers. Using a combination of clean, Scandinavian styling in the photo art direction, highlighting both the technical and aesthetic features of the speakers and focusing equally in the text on both the technical features and the lifestyle attributes, Audiovector were presented as a high-end technical product that people would desire in their living rooms.
Educational material: Youth in Uganda Art direction
Layout, illustration and styling. Caritas is a development organisation in more than 200 countries around the world. It also provides educational material to schools on various subjects – many of them challenging social and geopolitical issues. I was commissioned to make a brochure and series of posters which would help students relate to children of their own age in Aids and war torn Uganda. It needed to be faithful to the painful subject matter, without being offputting or overly distressing. It also needed to invoke empathy, engagement, wonder and action.
Copy writing
Campaign: Roskilde Festival 2014 (pitch) Art direction Digital design
Music Festival Campaign. Roskilde Festival is one of Northern Europe's largest and longest running music festivals. Working on a strictly non-for-profit basis, attracting more than 30,000 volunteers each year, its brand is a highly valuable and well nurtured commodity. Having done many projects for the Festival's organisers (in particular the promo videos which highlighted the festival's annual humanitarian focus), I was invited to pitch for the 2014 campaign. Many of my suggestions were based on the collective nature of the brand (for example, a poster which contained the names of all 30,000 volunteers for the year, or the new slogan "Crowd Funded Since 1971"). I also created posters and teasers which would appeal to the core fan base (with the slogan "You Know The Feeling"). A large part of the pitch involved how to make more engaging in-house marketing material without using external designers, and also how to maximise brand awareness per square centimeter of space. Poster teaser
Pitch slides (selection)
Art Direction: Time Magazine cover photo Art direction
Photo art direction. I art directed many hundreds of high-end images for Stockbyte, a photo agency which was subsequently bought by Getty Images. They have been used by countless media companies, from The Guardian to the BBC, and have graced the front covers of many magazines, from Time Out, to Time Magazine, as shown.
Art direction
Annual Report: Caritas
Caritas is a relief, development and social service organisation which operates in over 200 countries worldwide. I was commissioned to design their annual report, which needed to reflect their work on both a human level and a statistical and factual level.
Film trailer graphics: "M for Markus" Art direction
Typography for film. M for Markus, directed by Ali Abassi is a gritty, lurid and provocative novella film. When commissioned to make the graphics for the trailer, I tried to emulate the 'in-your-face' style of the film by making the type literally burst out of the frame.