I'm a communications professional with over twenty years' experience across the creative industries. Most of my recent work falls into these three broad categories:

Copy writing

My experience ranges from snappy straplines for consumers to technical specifications for scientists.
My most recent major project was for Oticon, one of the world's largest makers of hearing instruments.
I wrote all of the new online material for their latest products and news stories for consumers, retailers and professionals. I also wrote the brand history for Greengate – a fast growing global brand for women.
Earlier, I have won numerous awards for campaigns in the pharmaceutical sector.

Bova furniture: US print Campaign

Art direction

Copy writing for consumers

Bova Furniture. Bova is a US-based chain of furniture showrooms, specialising in contemporary European furniture. With a young, urban customer base that is both cosmopolitan and price conscious, my strategy was two-fold: boost their profile of exclusivity and sophistication (design classics imported from Europe) in general media channels, then use direct marketing to focus on the low cost.


Press advertisements. These ads were written so that the target audience might feel part of a select, more cosmopolitan group. Using easily recognisable and understandable French slogans, it communicates the European original of the furniture, and would also suggest that these products are only for those 'in the know'; those who have enough taste and education to appreciate them. The fourth ad, which features an office chair, takes a slightly different approach, which suggests that the target audience is part of the decision making elite.

Direct mail parallel campaign. At the same time as the ads above ran in the national press, more personal and targeted direct mailshots were sent to a large mailing list. These were positioned in such a way as to suggest they were being let into a secret (that these products were actually very cheap, but no-one else need know).

Oticon: International consumer site, retailers'
site and hearing professionals' site

Copy writing – consumers

Copy writing – retailers

Technical writing – health professionals

Business to Consumer, Business to Health Professional and Business to Retailer. Oticon is the world's second largest hearing aid manufacturer. Although they produce miniature instruments which use highly sophisticated technology, the language to customers needs to be as clear and free from jargon as possible. I was tasked to write online copy for all of Oticon's available hearing instruments, accessories and general information about hearing loss and associated issues. As the site is aimed at global consumers, many who will be seniors citizens, the language needed to be kept as concise and non-technical as possible, yet at all times engaging and informing potential customers. At the same time, because hearing aids are medical products, the copy needed to be absolutely accurate, and free from any kind of hyperbole or unsubstantiated and unprovable claims.




David B Earle