I'm a communications professional with over twenty years' experience across the creative industries. Most of my recent work falls into these three broad categories:
Digital design For much of the last six years I have been developing user interfaces for complex online tools and platforms in the Danish public sector. Each of these tools have very different functions and are used across a wide range of professions and departments. But they all followed a basic principle: to revolutionise how professionals communicated with each other and with the citizens they were caring for. The interfaces needed to be easy to use, quick to learn and yet capable of incorporating increasingly complex tools and features over time.
Alldialogue suite of online apps
Art direction
Digital design
User interface design. For the past six years I have been working closely with Alldialogue on their numerous digital platforms for public services. In 2015 they integrated a large number of tools into a single online platform.
UI Design: icons & infographics from apps
Art direction
Digital design
Alldialogue.com info site
Art direction
Digital design
Alldialogue infosite. The site needed to communicate both the depth and power of the platform and the simplicity and relevance to the customers. I designed more than a hundred separate icons which needed to act alone to denote a specific function, and also in various combinations, to show how the different tools could work seamlessly across the platform, and across sectors such as health, employment and welfare. You can see the full website here.
Braintrustinfo.com infosite Art direction Digital design
Braintrust infosite. I am partner and visual consultant for the think tank Braintrust. We aim to maximise the value of students' knowledge, and have created Denmark's broadest academic knowledge sharing platform called Braintrust Base. We have also developed a series of workshops and lectures. Here is the infosite design. You can see the full infosite here, and Braintrust Base here.
'FamilieDialog' user interface
Familiedialog is the first of the integrated online tools which Alldialogue have produced, initially for Helsingør Municipality. For the first time, professionals from a wide range of backgrounds (but a common focus on the welfare of children and families) could use the same system to both communicate and co-operate with each other and to assess and treat clients, while tracking and documenting their progress. You can read more about Familedialog on Helsingør Kommune's website (Danish only).
The joined-up nature of Familedialog, and its new simple-to-use ways integrating a wide range of activities under one umbrella led it to the finals of the Innovation Awards in Denmark in 2013.
Post & Tele museum: interactive touch screens
Museum exhibition digital interfaces. As part of the modernisation of the Post and Tele Museum in central Copenhagen, ten large touch screens were installed in various parts of the permanent exhibition. I designed all of the screens which were a wide mix of information, engagement and entertainment.
'Børnelineal': digital assemessment tool
Alldialogue.com have developed a large number of tools for the social services to help them assess the risks of individuals in their care or field of responsibility. These tools need to be clear, fast and unambiguous. As these tools are often based on existing, paper-based methods, they need to mirror the parts which the professionals are already familiar with, while also taking advantage of their digital nature.
iPad training app for pensioners
Motion and sleep data based motivational app . As part of a pilot project, a group of pensioners between the ages of 70 and 85 years who were experiencing low sleep quality levels, reduced physical activity and had low levels of social interaction were given sensor wristbands and iPads. My task was to develop a user interface which delivered motion and sleep data to the seniors, and help motivate them to be more active in their lifestyles. Due to increased visual impairment, low technical skills and reduced motor skills and dexterity, the interface needed to be as clear, uncluttered and easy to understand as possible.
Roskilde Festival: Newsletter system
Component elements for newsletter template. The system included a small library of fitting graphic components which could be 'bolted on' to existing images to make a more coherent, fluid style. Easy to edit mast heads, and curved graphic elements meant that each newsletter could look both unique and match the corporate style, without the need for design professionals at the publication stage.
Familiedialog: Infosite
Design and template for an easy-to-update and expand website.
Archive: 2012 interactive design portfolio
This is a portfolio brochure I produced in 2012, showcasing the various interactive design projects I had completed at that stage.