I'm a communications professional with over twenty years' experience across the creative industries. Most of my commissioned work falls into three broad categories: digital design, art direction and copy writing. But I'm constantly involved in many other types of creative projects, some of which you can read about below.

Lecture: 'A visual lingua franca' at University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen University. This is an extract from my introductory lecture on "A visual lingua franca", recorded last year at Copenhagen University on behalf of Braintrust, a think tank for academics, with whom I am a partner and visual consultant.

Publications: Braintrust Labs

Writing/Editing/Layout. These two publications, published by think tank Braintrust, are background material for Braintrust Labs' workshops. As partner and visual consultant at Braintrust, I have helped to develop new methods and workshops which help students communicate their knowledge across disciplines. I wrote one publication as background material to my lecture "A visual lingua franca", and edited another publication for our workshop which focuses on interdisciplinary problem solving. I also designed both publications.

Animated infographics: e-conomic.com website

Digital design consultancy. This is a still from an animated infographic for e-conomic.com, a fast growing online accounting company. I have been providing in-house consultancy for their online communications and traditional print marketing material.

Film opening sequence: "Room 506"

Intro sequence for short film. Of all the film intro and credit sequences I have been involved with, this is both my favourite, and in fact the quickest and easiest one to date.


Within an hour of me pitching the idea over the phone to the director (Karoline Lyngbye), the producer (Julie Friis Walenciak) had already found where to get old cast lead numbers from a type foundry.


Shooting took place the next day – at an all-female steelsmiths located in the Free State of Christiania. Filmed by Maria von Hausswolff, the melting was carried out by sound designer Lars Halvorsen, who later on made the sequence even more haunting with his score.


I also had fun designing a complementary poster for this short, beautiful but very unsettling film.

Promo Films: Roskilde Festival Humanitarian Focus

Film writing and direction. For four years running I wrote and directed the promo films for Roskilde Festival's humanitarian focus. Each year the proceeds of the bottle refunds and festival's profits would be forwarded to a specific cause. My job was to inform and engage the audience through these short films which would play on the stage screens before the music acts performed. They needed to be arresting, snappy and memorable, (always bearing in mind the levels of intoxication of large elements of the audience!) What I like most about these films today is how different each one is from the others.

Film posters: selected gallery

9 film posters of diverse genres. I enjoy the challenge of making a poster which will both attract and inform a potential audience member to watch a film, while also creating a visual aide mémoire to film after it has been watched. Here is a small selection of film posters I have designed.

Experimental film: two shorts

Film writing and direction. When I get an opportunity, money, a talented crew and an interesting idea, I like to make small experimental films. Most are of the kind that only I would be bothered to look at. But occasionally my films get a wider recognition.


Of all the films I have made, perhaps the most obscure one has had the largest impact. "Dining Room or There is Nothing" instantly went viral in the pre YouTube days, with more than 3 million downloads. Since then, it has been viewed in excess of 10 million times, and usually appears in any "top 10" lists of creepy or scary videos or films. It has been an enormously entertaining experience reading the many conspiracy theories written about it, and to watch it gain in popularity steadily over time – something of a rarity in YouTube films, I think.


A few years ago I had the opportunity to shoot a little film on Super 16 film – most likely the last chance I would ever get to do so. Deleted Scene (From an Imaginary Film) is the result. I have put it here together with Dining Room, as I always intended that they should inhabit the same universe, even if the subject matter is very different.

Dining Room or There is Nothing

Deleted Scene (From an Imaginary Film)

David B Earle